Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Pardon me! I just rambled on!

Join a school, wear uniforms, adhere to the system, have a time table,

Study subjects you don't understand, then have arcane knowledge

you dont know how you can use

Have your meals, don't drop the gravy on the shirt, knees off the table,

Wear pretty clothes, try and like them, try and make your friends jealous of them

Find joys of passive entertainment, discuss video games with friends,

Find heroes, find ghosts, laugh over moving pictures about falling anvils and booby traps

Find joys in collecting coloured pieces of paper with dried glue on the back

Derive fun out of kicking around round objects with your feet

And beating round leather covered objects with wooden sticks

Experience raging hormones, figure out what to do about them,

Try and find social acceptance with what numbers you have on your marksheet

Worry over what bike you drive to college, Or which Nokia you put your ears to

Think about the clothes you wear, or the kind of people you hang out with,

Not necessarily in the same order

Experience peer pressure, experience the weight of expectations, none of them your own

Fall in love, fall on your face, fall on your knees, experience disgrace

Have a religion, pray to stones that don't speak, believe in forces that you cannot see

Still somehow believe in them, and those powers that be

Pass out from college, think about the future,

Think about post graduate education, think corporate,

Think about your first pay check, think about your first car

Think about getting married, having a family and a nice cozy home

Think about kissing butt, think about doing people favours to get ahead

Think what life really means!

Understand if honest is better or is screwing over people for gains?

Have ambitions, have plans, have hopes, have ideas

Have heartbreaks, have obstacles, have despair, suffer from thoughlessness

Feel what it is like to be stabbed in the back, feel what it is like to have a heartache

Come to know what it feels like to be a part of this world; experience realisation

Control your diet, don't have a heart attack, watch the shampoo,

Your hair line could be receding. Your mobile might be giving you cancer.

Your TV could be straining your eyes, and your PC might be giving you a bad back

Waste time with unknown strangers over the net, render Geography meaningless,

Fly to places, travel by wheels that pollute the atmosphere, grow old faster

Die eventually!

So why don't we simply eat, sleep, excrete, procreate and just die?!

Everything else in between is so unnecessarily complicated!

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