Sunday, May 09, 2004

Yaar Dost Friends

So... just before it ends, Rachana decides that she wants to leave for Patiala along with Uma. And it finally occurs to Ravi that Rachana is the one for him. He tries to convince her otherwise. Even follows her to the railway station. But Rachana is adamant! She really wants to leave for Patiala. And he boards her train and leaves Nagpur.

Meanwhile, Chandresh and Mounika give up on the thought of adopting. They end up having twins - a boy and a girl. Their prayers have been answered. That's how their story ends.

Pratibha also gets married to whats his name and lives happily ever after.

Ravi returns home, dejected at the thought of having lost Rachana forever. And when he comes home, he finds that Rachana decided to miss her train to Patiala and spend the rest of her life with him.

As far as Jaswinder was concerned, he will live to have more friends.

Yesterday morning, Indian Express spoilt it for me. So I just HAD to spoil it for everyone else! Hyuk hyuk!

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