Friday, June 25, 2004

I let my mind out to wander and it didn't come back

What truly defines you? Your thoughts or your actions?

Yes, actions speak louder than words. So what about the unspoken words? What about those thoughts that cannot or should not be expressed? Do they count for absolutely nothing? Don't thoughts make you what you think you are?

What if you pose as someone you are not in your own head? Especially when overcome by an inability to speak your mind or when being weighed down by conscience? What if you try and project yourself as someone who really are not from within, and you do not want to give yourself away?

What if you succeed at it all? What if they really see you as someone you know you are not? How do you define yourself then? By the way you see yourself - having thoughts you don't want to share - or by the way they know you - simply on the basis of your actions?

What the hell am I really talking about?

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