Monday, August 23, 2004

Survival for the fittest

On the bustling roads of Delhi, I come alive like an insecure zebra that trespassed into the lion country. The rule of the jungle applies on the roads. Survival is the privilege of the fittest. The meek shall always struggle to see what tomorrow brings.

And I, a meek scooterist, have to co-exist (with just a helmet as my line of defence) with those merciless, gigantic monsters that are the DTC buses.

The jungle puts your skills to the toughest test. It's been a month of driving in and out of Delhi. And I took some time out to thank my Gods and Goddesses (Ms. P. Chopra included) and appreciate the fact that the zebra has survived in the lion country. It is heartening indeed to note that some angry, semi-drunk Haryanvi driving those buses has not run me over already.

I pat myself on the back too. I must be exceptionally good a driver to survive those DTC buses! ;-) We shall live to see another day!

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