Sunday, September 12, 2004

Apni Dholki Baja Rela Hu!

Alright... my blog... my rules. I can post what I want to, right?

Anyway, so I got this mail from Apexa, a junior at my grad college. Still reading it and laughing. It's one of those things that amuse you no end, and make your day.

So I will end up blowing my own trumpet... but what the hell! :P

Read on ...


The founder of Prism,

Dear sir,

Hoping u r fit n healthy inspite of the JNU canteen food.

Its so good to hear from the person whos brainchild is PRISM.

The new copy is finally in our hands.n the designing guys have done a fab. job . aaaah how nice it feels to c ones name in the magazine. along with the pic..

J The only disappointing thing is that I haven't contributed ne article for this issue. (tho my name is allotted to 2 articles)

Welll, I have no idea whether sumbody told u this or not. but I thot u ought to know it . n hence this mail..

Hmmmm Saturday, the 11th, mala ma'ams lecture n we had prepared ourselves to bear the pains of all sorts of cost curves. but b4 the usual lash out. she wanted to tell us about this ex-student of SMPIC.(nething except economics was welcome so everybody paid attention to every word she said..) yea. n she told us bout a guy called HEMANT.

His dedication, the no. of hrs he spent for prism.n stuff like that. and may I add sir, that she read out the prism mail that u sent us..n she was all praises for u.. Forgive me for I shall not b able to quote the exact words she said as my memory is diminishing day by day.

for your info, our class is the most notorious one n already in her bad books. by giving ur example. she compared the type of students that we r (such an awful lot) n how we ought to be (just like you). HEMANT , who respected the institute n his professors; HEMANT, who worked for prism without ne expectation of reward; HEMANT, who was always down to earth;HEMANT, who was so courteous while giving suggestions; HEMANT, a student from whom the professors learnt a lot; HEMANT, who still hasn't

forgotten SMPIC; HEMANT, A STUDENT THEY ARE PROUD OF!!! Hats off to u!!! by the way, a Xerox copy of ur mail has been given to all the professors. so that they know that Hemant is still in touch, still remembers them, n still concerned for prism.

I wud like to thank you as well as those responsible for planting such a beautiful sapling.PRISM n man, am I glad that ive been given the responsibility to nourish it n take it to gr8 heights in spite of storms? u bet I am!!

Bless you,



Prism was the college magazine, which was started by a group of people from my batch. I edited it. It recently came out with its 4th issue recently. Earlier, some were of the opinion that it would sink once my batch passes out. That hasn't happened. Thankfully, it lives on.

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