Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Business, as usual

So what have I been upto?

1) Lost my precious notebook in which I drew nasty caricatures of my professors.

2) Was a part of a contingent that successfully pissed off my Media Research faculty.

3) Drove college PYTs around on my new bike. Promised some more, for future rides.

4) Made myself unpopular among the guys for act # 3.

5) Told the guys.... 'Love me, hate me, but kindly spare me your indifference'.

6) Earned rep for being the 'computer expert' in my computer illeterate department.

7) Postponed 3 really dull assignments and now am running a week late.

8) Made a huge name for myself for my artworks.

9) Got elected Convenor for class maintenence. Also because nobody else stood for the post!

10) Cracked one short people joke too many on 'P'. Result: she intends to kill me sometime soon.

11) Cracked one body-odor joke too many on 'V'. Result: Ditto.

12) Cracked one tasteless wisecrack too many on the inmates of the girls hostel. Result: Ditto.

13) Cracked one thin people joke too many on 'J'. He looks depressed now.

13) Lived up to jouranlistic social responsibilities and made the world a better place to live in

14) Broke my glasses. Time to shift to contacts

15) Started entertaining insane, hyper-creative ideas again after a long, long lay off.

16) Confused more people with my surname and ethnicity.

17) Wallowed in memories of painful past.

18) Continued to not give a shit, better than ever!

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