Monday, October 25, 2004

I want to believe that the last 3 months have been the best ones of my life. That is quite, quite heartening when I look back at the damage done between March and July. Easily, the worst period of my life.

It had me rebuilding my life from scratch again. It made me observe my own life with great curiosity. It made me concious of every tiny little thing I did, making me wonder why I got even the basic and simplest of tasks, all messed up. It was terrible. Watching yourself stumble so frequently isn't pleasant, especially when good times seem not too distant. Then, every inch seems like a mile.

Life has moved along in its own funny ways, reminding me ever so often that nothing lasts forever. Now, a 9-to9 life doesn't give me too much to think about. Work is a major preoccupation. Work is good. Work is fun. Home is strictly a place where I have dinner, go to sleep and get ready for college.

An year ago, I would have given an eye and a tooth for a life like this. Now that it is finally happening, I experience a sense of satisfaction that I have never experienced in many years. It's almost too pleasant to be true.

The people I am surrounded with are quite, quite awesome. It is not to compare them with my old friends. But never have I being a part of a class which had so many bad dressers, BALD MEN, Mad Magazine lovers, romantics and flirts, poets and dramatists, singers and headbangers, all at the same time. Even Sundays don't keep me away from the college now. And it saddens me that I will be seeing these people for only 5 more months now.

And life reminds me again: nothing lasts forever.

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