Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Aren't You An Artist?

This poem was written by a classmate who likes to call himself, 'The Subverter'. It kinda grew on me. I decided to share it with you. I am still in awe of it. I think it is a beautiful poem.

Aren't You An Artist?

'You are an artist', they declare.

And you are offended at once,

And also amused,

And the thin line between them remains fractured.

You are an artist because your body

Is not worth making love to,

Your soul is, absurdly.

Because what you call profundity

Is absurdity for others.

Because your ideas are inverted,

Not likely to be taken seriously.

You are an artist because you stink heavy

Of intimidating ideas.

Because the contours of your art

Is the outskirt of rotten radicalism.

You are an artist because you have learned

To wallow in the luxury of your failure.

Because you leap out of the common norms

And create your own confusion

And reside proudly in that.

You qualify as an artist when your beloved,

Your ideas, everything you loved and held,

Betray at the critical point of your life,

Leaving you laughing at your own fate.

So is being an artist an achievement,

Or an entrapment?

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