Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Run of the mill, "what's up" post

I have moved out of home. It took a while. Now I am free. Well? almost.

The weekend was spent poring over cardboard boxes, trying to figure out what to take with me and what to leave back at home. It?s all been done.

It should be an interesting period of four-odd months with my two new roomies. It should also buy me more time and space for myself. And also give me more time think about life in general. To try and find answers to questions, which have intrigued me for some time.

Among the questions that have been eating me, this one tops the list: What did those two flaming homosexuals namely Elton John and George Michael mean, when the sang ?Don?t let the sun go down on me?? Opinions invited.

Blogging would not be high on the priority list for the moment. It would be hard for me to reply to all those lovely comments that you people have been leaving. The exams are around the corner. There?s a lot of theory to be crammed. There are internships to be taken care of. There?s a media research report, which has on my mind like a chunk of chicken stuck between my teeth.

Is this the end of Neurotica as we know it? We will know in a few days.

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