Saturday, February 19, 2005

Of Godzilla and Neutered Thoughts

Godzilla had the right ideas. And it only just occurred to me. By reserving the benefits of inherent asexuality for only a few species, Mother Nature dealt us humans a tough one.

Our wise friend Godzilla didn't bother looking around for prospective mates. Otherwise, it's only one's guess what the dating scene in the giant lizards community, would have been like.

Imagine this dinner date:
Waiter: What would you like to order, sir?
Male Godzilla: I will take 2 crates of Tuna. And what about you, love?
Female Godzilla: Teeheehee. And I will take 5 freshly stomped New Yorkers.

The fish industry would be the most profitable business ever. And there would be no such thing as a population explosion. But that's not the point.

Godzilla didn?t have to care about emotional securities. Its urges must have been restricted to primal or maternal ones. Life must be so much simpler when you don?t have to consider settling down in relationships.

No feelings. No emotions. No getting rejected by prospective mates. No searching for new ones. No strings attached. Just impregnate your own self during the breeding season.

Procreation, as easy as blowing your nose.

Alas. It is the sensible ones who are despised by the hoi polloi. Like some wise man once quipped, ?The only perfect man to have walked on Earth, got crucified.?

But for inspiring me to think asexually. For neutering my thoughts. For helping me bring my attention to where it is needed. To help me concentrate on my work better. Here?s paying homage to Godzilla, my newest hero!

Err, or would that be ?heroine??

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