Monday, February 21, 2005

Of Male Insecurity and Conniving Women

What do blackmailers feed off?


After a fair amount of observing, I conclude that most males are genetically incapable of dealing with emotional blackmail. Even more so when the blackmailer is a pretty-faced, 20-something female.

All it takes to get by the defences of these men is a 50 watt smile, puppy eyes and a prolonged "please". And I swear, it renders the man so hopelessly defenceless, he would even jump off a cliff, if asked to.

But what kind of insecurity are these men overcome with?

It is my hypothesis that the man, as an animal, would be on a constant search for the perfect mate. The search is ceaseless. The concept of conjugal commitment is crap. We're animals.

And I don't remember using 4 'c' words in the same sentence before.

When showered by the attention of a comely woman, I believe the man immediately considers his mating prospects. This is when he completely lets his guard down. The sucker punch gets delivered then.

And the female. The conniving, blackmailing female. She completely feeds off this. And she takes from the man till he can give no more. Some men try to pass off their helplessness as chivalry. But since when has chivalry become the domain of the weak?

If you read this and gun for my head, remember: you're probably that male or female I just talked about. SHAME ON YOU!

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