Friday, April 29, 2005

Woohoo! I'm a post graduate now!

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I'm a post graduate now. And that approximately means that I've got a piece of paper I can use in the loo, when I run out of water.

It's funny how I got this far, academically. Funny, because I always found myself struggling to come to terms with what everyone else around me could easily grasp. Funnier, because I passed out last year from the university with a 3rd class, and still ended up in a PG classroom that was full of university toppers from around the country.

In retrospect, I gave all those university toppers, a fairly good run for their money.

Got our diplomas at one really shitty excuse for a convocation, today. I had grand plans to make a mockery of the event, by making the final issue of Dontlook public. Couldn't do it because the copies couldn't be printed on time.

It became fairly popular, I heard. Saw people falling over each other to get their copies. Personally, it was more satisfying than any lab journal or story board or radio bulletin that I must have produced in the last one year.

Here's a screenshot.

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