Friday, September 15, 2006

"I don't want to write you a testi"

Old pal Lean Dude is pissed.

First, an explosion of blogs. And now, Orkut.

From a fairly old post, I quote him verbatim:
No!! I dont wan to make friendship with you. I dont have the silky hairs. I dont want to be on the ship that never sinks and I dont know if orkut is a name. I dont want to scrap you, I dont want to give you my number, I dont want to write you a testi (that sounds like a body part) and I dont know if orkut is a name.


Im not against orkut and I think the concept of getting in touch with old, long lost friends is simply awesome. But people shouldnt be so addicted to this stuff. And thats why people, who dont have anything better to do, than just go through profiles and leave a scrap as dumb as this one. Hi, your profile picture is sexy and so are you? No clue why there is a question at the end of it all.
I have to confess that I'm an Orkut addict too. But what I'm absolutely vexed to see is the mushrooming of several other websites offering the exact same services. It dilutes the fun.

When Orkut came up, the invitees-only idea was a refreshing one. And if I'm calling it right, Orkut's popularity is on the rise, especially in India. Therefore, a blooming business idea must necessarily give birth to several other competitors. In this case, it could be hi5 or Yahoo 360 -- services, which don't have anything imaginatively new to offer and work on quite the same model as the Real McCoys.

Such was the case with blogs: you had two or three blogging services doing well sometime back, when a 100 others portals jumped in, thereby diluting the fun, and -- at the expense of sounding snobbish -- the then undiluted exclusivity of owning a blog and reading those few bloggers whose writings you appreciated. But, as the cliche goes, things have changed.

I started blogging in 2003, quit in 2005 and restarted again this week. Having been away for an year, the blogosphere now reminds me of Mumbai -– cluttered like its suburbs, heavily cramped for space like a western line local, and only those who are distinctively different will ever be noticed here.

Arvind also asks in the end:
But I sure as hell do have one question.

Orkut. Is that a name?
I think so, if this link is to be believed.

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Sita said...

those used to be super-awful especially on y! messenger.. dunno where people used to add you off from also.. and messenger was worse, cuz they'd never let go!