Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Rahul Dravid Press Conference Quote Generator

Rahul Dravid uses a quote generator for every press conference he attends. It works something like this:

(1) It was great to win/disappointing to lose.
(2) It's always a challenge playing [insert opponent's name here] especially because they have players like [insert key opponent players' name].
(3) But we are confident of our own abilities. Of course, we can always improve our [insert current weakness: batting/bowling/fielding/ex-captain].
(4) We'd like to take the positives from this game in to our next game against [insert next opponent's name].
(5) We're not worried about playing them -- but we also won't take them lightly. We're confident of our strengths, especially with [insert names of in-form players] playing well.
(6) All teams start equal in a game, we're confident of our strengths and hopefully, the next match will be a good one.
(7) It's going to be a challenging series, and we're looking forward to it.
(8) Cricket's a game of glorious uncertainties.
Ok, I added the eigth point myself, but if you happen to go through the reports of the last 20 press conferences Dravid has attended, you'll see the quotes are, more or less, the same.

Seriously, we all love him for the heights he takes batting to. But fence-sitting to such extreme extents can be a pain in the ass -- not for him, but for the journalists attending these conferences.

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