Saturday, February 03, 2007

Time Wasting 101

His G-Talk status message: God...where do I get the respite?

Me: For starters, you could stop asking God for respite, because there is none. :D

Him: Ha ha ha! Very good. So you are trying to take a dig at me? That’s really wonderful.

Me: No. I'm simply saying there is no god.

Him: How can you deny the existence of the almighty? What makes you think like that?

Me: The same reason which makes you think there is an almighty.

Him: I can't beat you in words it seems but I can't deny your proposition

Me: I do feel there are super beings out there somewhere else in the universe... but I strongly doubt if they are watching over us, which why I think that if there's no one watching over us, then there's no god.

Him: But that does show signs of belief in you, and that proves that your disbelief in almighty is a thrusted one.

Me: Like I said... "almighty" to me means someone who is super powerful and is controlling our lives, which gives it power. What I'm saying is, I dont think there’s anybody watching over us or controlling us. So, to me, whatever this entity is, it is certainly not almighty.

Him: Ok.

Him: Sounds difficult to believe but somehow I genuinely believe that those who do not believe in the almighty are the one who believe the most. :)

Me: Sir, you are entitled to feel that way, but from a non-believer's point of few, I can vouch for myself: I don’t believe in the concept of god.

Him: Look, what I feel is even when you say that you “don’t believe”, you still use the word ‘believe’ which gives us my inclination.

Me: The ‘believe’ goes with the ‘don’t’ and adds up to suggest a complete absence of belief.

Me: I could turn around the argument and say that when you say “I believe in god”, it’s the same as saying you’re really not sure if you do, because it’s just a belief, and is not based on empirical evidence.

Him: Well, a smart reply no doubt but when you say a flowing river, a blue sea that does not indicate that they are not there.

Me: But to the normal eyesight, the sea IS ACTUALLY blue, and the river IS REALLY flowing. There's evidence there.

(Some time passes by)

Me: Sir, kaha gaye aap?

Him: I am very much here and was mulling over your response.

Him: The word evidence has caught me off guard.


PS: The person in question here is a batch-mate from journalism school, and was a fierce participant during elocution and debate competitions there.


Unknown said...

There is a saying

" Dhundne se to khuda bhi mil jaata hai."

Hemant I think you are currently looking for a new job. Intrested? :P

THe Boyracer

AR Hemant said...

To dhoond na.

Sita said...

i think humans just give themselves too much importance. god, indeed.

Unknown said...


The Boyracer

Aditi said...

heh...i have a smart-ass wisecrack to make..but not here...check ur offline messages