Sunday, February 11, 2007

Orkut Gems — 2

This keeps getting better all the time. Here's another gem from Orkut, adding to the first one.
hello u r loking for true frd tats never hurts u
alwasys in a care of urs
if u thing that is true
so accept my request
If you've been receiving scraps like this one here, do post them here, unedited.


Unknown said...

bhabhiji ko khatra hai.

Ab uncle bolenge

" bahu laani thi, damaad aa gaya."


The Boyracer

Anonymous said...

my idea of a perfect first date: meeting in a public place with originality in personality

Abhinay Ramani said...

kya yaar..tereku aise sab scraps kahan se milte hai? mujhe 1 saal mein aisa ek bhi nahin mila..anywho, game kaisa gaya bata :D have fun!!

Aditi said...

hehe...i used to get a lot of these!! my fav was "Will you do friendship to me??