Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The male mind

Me: Yaar, who’s that woman on your desk… with the curly hair and black glasses? I said ‘hi’ to her yesterday and then I realised I had forgotten her name.

S:The name’s XXXXXX YYYYY.

Me:Oh yeah. Forgot her name actually.

S:What about her?

Me: No No... I saw her at our XXX office yesterday and said hi and all. Then I realised I don’t remember her name. Which is kind of embarrassing.

S:It’s not... Imagine if she was a guy, and not very attractive at that, would you be embarrassed?

Me: Yes... it has happened very frequently.

S:Congratulations, you are a nice guy.

Me: Har har har.

S:(And a follower of the Bajrang Dal also!)


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