Friday, February 01, 2008

Niranjan Shah on Tehelka

This is priceless.
Q: For the sake of argument, what is the more important criterion for selection: performance or rotation policy? Would you drop the best performing players for rotation policy?
Shah: Rahul's performance is not there. Lakshman's performance is not there.

I am talking about Ganguly. He has done well.
Shah: Lakshman has done well too.
The last answer even more so:
Q: But why is this rotation policy is not applicable to test cricket?
Shah: Why look at tests, there are domestic tournaments like Ranji Trophy. One day cricket requires a lot of energy, so fielding capability has to be seen, everything has to be seen. But the tests are a real test for cricket players. The tests are very important for every country. We like to be a test winning country and not a one-day winning country. Youngsters need lot of cricketing abilities to stay there for five days. In ODI you may just go in and slog couple of overs, here you have to play for five days. After all, they get to play the long form of cricket in domestic cricket.

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Anil P said...

If only fielding mattered in cricket, it would be best to draft in sprinters from athletics.