Thursday, January 21, 2010

Richard Dawkins interviews Wendy Wright

Richard Dawkins, that man believers hate, interviews Wendy Wright.

Apparently, Dawkins confronted her after recieving her hate mail, and she agreed to an interview.

I saw all seven parts of this interview on Youtube this evening. As a comment on one of the video says:

“…props to Dawkins, though. I would have punched her in the throat five minutes in.”

Wright argues her case poorly. Worse, she’s smug, poorly articulated, and shows her tribe in poor light.

Her views, which she repeats countless times through the talk, can be summed up as thus:

There is a creator.
Each individual is unique.
Where is the evidence for evolution?
All humans should be treated with respect.
Roll that back.
Teach the controversy at schools.
You have an agenda.
The Darwin way is disrespectful to humans.
At the start, Dawkins introduces himself and asks her where they can begin the interview. She smugly smiles and refuses to even seat him. They do the whole talk standing.

Dawkins, by the way, is 68. So much for her respect for humans.

After this interview, my respect for Dawkins grows. He remains polite through the talk, speaks in a low tone, and keeps a straight face through Wright’s ridiculous replies.

If you are the sort interested in the debate about god, Charles Darwin, evolution and creationism — and you probably are, if you’ve read this post till this point — don’t miss this video.

[Video link thanks: Anirudh]

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