Tuesday, December 30, 2003


Sweetest Revenge!

Indradhanush December 2002, at the GK Quizes, my team of 3 participated. The battle among 3 teams went to the wire. We fisnished second sadly after I bungled up the last question. Had I got that one right, the scores would've been been tied!

Saturday Activities, Event: GK Quiz, July 2003. My team of 4 was at it again. Sadly, there wasn't enough support. I was the only one doing all the answering. Apart from one answer, every single answer came from me, as far as my team was concerned. It's amazing that we still ended up 2nd out of 5 teams. The game had gone to the last question. The other team had to get the last answer wrong for us to win. They got it right.

Another quiz which went to the last question. Another quiz where I finished second. Oh yeah... it *was* frustrating!

Indradhanush 2003. Would it be the same again? I team up with two freshers, Reshwa and Utkarsh. Looked like anything but dumbasses to me. So the chances looked good for this time around.

5 teams. First round. We finish 3rd with 30 points. Reshwa's pissed. We remind her there are 3 rounds to go.

Round 2. Subject round. Our subject: Mythology. Reshwa's happy. She wanted that subject. Stunning turn around. We scored 145 points to finish first at 175. 2nd team at 160. Plenty of passed questions helped us!

Round 3. Buzzer round. I was so happy, I could've cried. We had *creamed* everyone! We finished with 95 of the 200 possible points and took a massive lead.

We had effectively won before the quiz got over. Which amazes me. After the two heartbreaks... a convincing win!

Now the team at second place had to get all 10 questions right in the next round. They didn't. We won. We still played the 4th round for formality. Got about 6/10 right.

Aaaah... sweeet victory.

It was important to win this one coz this would be the last quiz I would play my college. Especialy after two narrow losses. Now I can RIP!

Saturday, December 06, 2003


Look Ma! I'm in the paper! :-D

Check me out in today's Ahmedabad Times (the TOI supplement) pg 2.

Heh heh... at least I did not write standard stuff like I wanna be a doctor, or I wanna be a management pro!

PS: You'd do well to stop staring at Neha Shrimali and actually read my article! ;-D

PPS: Just in case you are wondering why my pic looks weird. Everyone else sent in their passport pics. I sent in one from my personal collection! Heeeee!! :-D


Go Zaheer!!!

WHAT... A... SPELL!!! Icing on the cake: Gilli going for a duck! Obviously Zaheer Khan has shrugged off the world cup final ghost. And had all of us sceptical Indians eating our words. But obviously, the Aussies never collapse like that in Australia.

I happened to see the highlights of Day-1. Realised that the Aussies were plain lucky to get to 261 for just 2 sticks. Langer? Well he should have just gone and brought a lottery ticket.

Innumerable close LBW shouts went his way. I don't think he would have crossed even fifty. And the moron STILL walks away shaking his head, dissing the umpire when given out on Day-2.

Even though it's raining, there is a very heavy chance Steve Waugh may roll the dice and declare very fast. Cannot rule out both teams forfeiting one innings each. Waugh would love to do that, I'm sure. And THAT would make it one helluvva test match!

What also made my day was Mehela Jaywardene's 86 against England. Includnig one unforgettable lofted square drive off Flintoff. Sensational! Would walk a mile to see that shot being played!

Ummm... ok... maybe I will just drive! ;-)

Friday, December 05, 2003


" Goin' down, for the time! My friends are gonna be there too! "

" I am on a highhhhhway ta hell! "

May be not! :-D

Can hardly wait till the 9th. Coz that's when Shishir and I would be travelling to Pune to attend... {hold your breath}... FEST-O'COMM!! Woohoo!

For the uninitiated, ignorant fools and {speaking in the same breath} Mechanical Engineers from CET, Fest-O'Comm would be India's biggest meet for Communcation and Media colleges around the country. (I am told!) It would start on the 11th and end on the 14th.

We get to meet communcation professionals from around the country. Not to mention all the students who'd be joining in from the various media colleges. Can't wait to get all the juicy dope from them!

From there, we travel to Bombay to have a dekko at the sceneries (sceneries) before returning to A'bad on the 17th. Hopefully, those will be very eventfull 8 days! :-D

This is gonna be one helluva month! Also in line is Indradhanush 2003 (my college's own culfest begining on the 24th).

Sigh! Then it's back to the books! :-(

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Shishir narrated one of the poems from the book by Mareez, the famous Gujarati shayar.

Loosly translated into Hindi...

"Mohabbat ke saboot hazaar hai Mareez

Mohabbat ke saboot hazaar hai Mareez

Ek ho to chhupaa sake..."

Took a while after that... to get my jaw up back into its place.

Monday, December 01, 2003

(Scene: Calvin and Hobbes look attentively at a bug that's flying around aimlessly)

Calvin: Bugs fly in such crazy loops and zigzags. I wonder why they don't get dizzy and barf.

Hobbes: Maybe they do!

Calvin (grossed out): Eww, gross! Ha ha ha! Then why would they keep flying that way?

Hobbes (laughing): Maybe bugs LIKE to barf!

Calvin (laughing hysterically): Ewww! They WOULD! Ha ha ha ha! Blaugh!

Calvin (walking away with Hobbes): I tell you Hobbes. It's great to have a friend who appreciates an earnest discussion of ideas!

Deccan Chronicle, November 27, 2003

Monday, November 24, 2003

Lousy morning. After reading all the newspaper reports today, it was kind of irritating to know what all has been going on the CATscam front.

First of all, why cancel the exam? 125000 people wrote CAT on November 2003. What possibly can be the number of people who took advantage of the leaked papers? 10? 100? 1000? 10,000? Surely, not even a 1000. But even 1000 doesn't account for even 1% of the entire CAT junta.

Which brings me to the question: Why sacrifice the hardwork of those thousands of students (more than 124000 of those) by canceling the entire exam, just because a handful of people happened to have the papers?

These handful of people are not gonna do well in the exam anyway. Not even by memorizing the answerkeys. Is it easy to remember the answers to 150 multiple-choice questions? And even if they do, you can always cross them out for the want of ability, once the second stage of selection begins.

It is believed that the HRD ministry had a clue about the scam on the eve of CAT itself. They could have cancelled the exam even before it had begun in all those centers around India. But only the Delhi crowd was unlucky enough to get it cancelled on the morning. I, for one, was luckily at Ahmedabad where the exam was conducted smoothly.

Rumours are doing the rounds. Nobody's quite sure if there would be a retest. Surely, there is no need to have one.

The IIMs have gone into a huddle. The HRD ministry is trying to butt its head in. The conclusion would be arrived at, on Wednesday. Which is when all of us would be tuned on to news channels and the net.

A retest, for many, would be a new lease of hope. For me, it might be a chance to improve on my pathetic maths scores. But then, would I have the same good run in English and DI, as I did on November 23? Let's wait and see.

Till then, a pat on the back for CBI for getting hold of the bastards involved in the racket. And an "up yours" for Murli Manohar Joshi and his HRD Govt for its foolish actions.

Sunday, November 23, 2003

Whoohoo! It's a mirrrrracle!! The 'Neurotica' banner works! Thanks to Varun for uploading it on his Purdue server!

It's 8.01 now. Big day today! I have visualised this day ever since I completed 12th in June 2001. It's been almost 2 1/2 years since. It's the 2nd last sunday of November and I am about to join 115,000 other Indians to take an exam called CAT.

All the blood, sweat and tears, the frustrations, the joys, the load of booger you scrape of your nose while solving the mockcats - all those things boil down to 2 measly hours at the exam hall. 2 and a half years of hope, anxiety and an amalgamation of various emotions and feelings: all account for only 2 hours. It's ironical but true.

The feeling right now would be the same as the one I might have had before my 10th or 12th boards. A little more magnified because in both those cases, I was lucky to have English as the opening paper. And that helped to relieve the initial stress. But here, it's do or die. Get your act together for 2 hours, or a lot of hardwork accounts to nothing.

The exam starts at 10.30 so I gotta leave home at 9.30.

Let's see what happens. It's a long and winding road up ahead.

Sunday, November 16, 2003

Welcome to my blog!

Wow! Finally... my own blog.

A place to express myself.

A place to relieve myself of the angst.

A chance to write.

A way to add to the already huge pile of bullshit in cyberspace and pray like hell that people read it!! :-D

Can't wait to get started!!! :-D

Please read my next post, which I would publish on Feb 28, 2027.

Thankyou for reading!