Saturday, March 27, 2004

It's a crazy dream!

I had a bizarre dream last night. Well, all my dreams are bizarre actually.

I saw that I was fighting in a war. The warzone was my college building. I remember being armed and unarmed at various stages of this dream. I saw myself taking on too many enemies at the same time. I could not tell who was a friend or foe. They all looked the same. So I kept killing them all with no remorse.

These enemies hid themselves at the corner of the staircases. I had to move deftly to spot them and kill them one by one. I remember this one sequence where I took a major risk and ran towards one enemy who had pointed his gun at me.

I was unarmed as I ran towards him and knew he only had to aim and shoot to kill me. But for some reason, I risked my life and kept running towards him while his weapon got stuck. We were involved in a struggle while he still had the gun pointed at me. I finally snatched the gun from his hand. I think I killed him too! :-D

For some reason, I kept attacking all these enemies, risking my own life everytime, refusing to back down. I remember being shot at in my leg twice but refusing to stop. Then I remember that there was this one particular enemy who was very difficult to capture. Like the ones in video games where you kill the harmless, smaller enemies before you move on to the final bad guy who is huge, armed and very difficult to kill.

In my case, it was some Mini-me (Austin Powers) kind of a midget. I tried very, very to capture him. We fought very hard. I remember giving him a clothesline! Sheesh! He kept throwing big rocks at me but I knew I just had to finish him off so I took the blows and refused to back down. We fought in the parking lot of the college building. Me and my aides caught him twice. But he escaped both times.

Then I remember waking up. How? It was the crackling sound of a newspaper falling on the floor!

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