Thursday, May 27, 2004

Update time!

Took me about 3 afternoons and a bit more to get this template in place. The story behind how I finally managed to upload it to Blogger is a lot more agonizing. Before that, please install this font for optimum viewing pleasure. Right click the link and do a 'Save target as..." or the link wont work.

Anyway... so I returned from Mumbai on the 22nd. The IIMC paper on the 21st was decent. Turns out the paper was all subjective. I was laughing in diselief when the question paper was handed over to me. Wasn't something that I expected at all. There were 11 questions, all to be answered in about 200 words each. I could attempt 10. And then some shit like "Write 20 words about why Mel Gibson has been in news lately" and give the full form of CDMA.

Let's just say I do not know what to expect from a subjective paper like that.

Have been sadofying here in my home since then. So I got back to coding. Nice way to kill time! Especially when you don't use Frontpage or Dreamweaver! :-D Hand-typed codes!!! Aaaah! That's like using a fountain pen instead of a roller.

So I finish the basic template. Then the fun starts. Satyam, like so many times before, ditches me when it's time to upload! What followed was even more puzzling. Had me feeling that all the forces are up against me, trying to stop me from upload it to the web.

So first, Satyam conks out. And stays that way all evening long. And stays that way for the all morning, noon and evening the next day. No net for one full day. And the height of desperation reaches a point where you start believing that there is no God!!!

I mean, c'mon. No net for ONE FULL DAY?!?! Does it hurt to have a pineapple shoved up your ass? Does it annoy to have no net for one full day?? IT DOES!!!

One day passes. Satyam stays that way. Second day passes. Still no signs improvement. By that time, I think I must have had bloodshot eyes, shivering arms and legs. And I think I had begun fomaing at the mouth. I mean... take away my food. Take away my water. But no net for two days?!?! This really is an unmerciful world!!

So dad calls up Satyam, Chennai. The guy says the line would be restored by 9 next morning. Morning comes. Morning goes. Noon passes by. Evening comes. Satyam is still conked out!

By this time, I had cursed the Satyam executives to 2000 years in hell with 3 pineapples shoved up their asses every day for those 2000 years. That should serve them right! 3 pain staking days had gone by. When suddenly shone a ray of light into this Godforsaken existence. I found an old net connection lying around on the new PC. And it worked!!!

Only for an hour! And I could not log again!!! Aaaaaargh! It was some kind of a one-use-per-day connection!!! Aaaargggh! I had to wait 12 hours till the next day before I could log on again.

By the third day, my frustration had reached a fevered pitch. When Satty didnt work again, the only thing that kept me from smashig my monitor on the floor was the fact that I knew I would regret it later!!! I needed to upload the template soon coz not doing it was driving me nuts. Then started the desperate measures.

I copied the files from my PC on a floppy and brought them to this new PC which had the new connection. After I done the painstaking work of finding a working floppy after much rummaging, and formatted the bloody thing, I bring it to the new PC.

Just to realise the new PC has no floppy drive!!!


I still cannot upload it.

It called for more despo measures. I used the LAN to transfer the files to Dad's PC. And used dad's email to transfer it to the email on the new PC. Sureshot method. Couldnt fail.

Or so I thought. After I'd done the posting, I checked the mails on the new PC. 'Virus found. Attachment deleted'. Aaaaarggh!

I post again. This time I post it from the net and not from Outlook coz the virus might have been local. I check my mail again. 'Virus found. Attachment deleted' I am amazed I didnt rip out my hair in frustration.

I send again. This time to Yahoo and Hotmail, both. Yahoo says again: 'Virus found. Attachment deleted'. Luckily, hotmail has no panga! Screw you, Yahoo!!!

Then I finally have the files on this PC and I am about to upload my template. But I take a break for dinner. So I DC and go for dinner. And when I come back, the new connection doesn't start! Aaaaaaaaaaaarrrgh!!! By this time I was convinced: somebody up there hates my guts!!!

Then I wait till next morning. Satyam still doesn't work. Screw you, you bastards. I really hope you get 2000 years in hell for putting me through all the agony!! Screw you!!! Screw you!!! Screw you!!!

But luckily the other connection worked. And I could upload in peace!!

And that, my dear children, is how I brought this stupid website into existence. Sometime soon, I'm gonna wonder: was it worth it?

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