Saturday, July 03, 2004

Just one question...

I'm so happy because today

I've found my friends

They're in my head

I'm so ugly but that's okay

Cause so are you

We've broken our mirrors

Sunday morning is everyday for

All I care

And I'm not scared

Light my candles in a daze...

Cause I've found god

Hey hey hey

I'm so lonely but that's okay

I shaved my head...

And I'm not sad

And just maybe I'm to blame

For all I've heard

But I'm not sure

I'm so excited, I can't wait

To meet you there

But I don't care

I'm so horny but

That's okay

My will is good

Hey, hey, hey

I like it - I'm not gonna crack

I miss you - I'm not gonna crack

I love you - I'm not gonna crack

I kill you - I'm not gonna crack

That just about sums it all up. Couldn't find any any need to actually sit down and write about stuff! Just one question though. Why did he call it 'Lithium'?

I got myself a radio station on LaunchCast. The link is posted under Misc on the right side. Tune in sometime to listen to what allegedly is my kinda music! ;-) If you no like, hit the skip button to listen to the next track!

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