Friday, August 13, 2004

The day that was...

'D' is a rather quite chap from Mizoram, with spikey hair, a goatie and thick black glasses. He finds his corner in the class everyday. Doesn't talk all that much. Doodles a lot on the margins of his notebook. Never raised his hand to ask questions during class nor did he ever have any doubts clarified during the lectures. That was 'D' for the first two weeks at IIMC.

One fine morning, 'S' decides to bring his Givson to college to practise for the upcoming college culturals. And 'D' decides to safekeep the instrument with him for the recess. And by the time, the recess ended, hell had already broken loose on our class.

'D' was playing his way to glory. Def Lepard's 'Two Steps Behind'. Followed by 'Papa kehte hai'. Followed by some Bryan Adams tunes. Then some Lucky Ali chords. He was strumming like a God.

Auditions for the cultural events followed. And when he went on the stage to do his version of 'Better Man', the crowd had gone insane! Here's a guy who looked like he wouldn't open his mouth even his life depended on it. And now he has women standing up and appluading him. And sticking to him like white on rice!!!

IIMC has a new hero. And Hil's words from a couple of years back rang in my head. "To drive women insane, just hold a guitar outside your college and pretend you know how to play!!"

Damn! I *so* should have learnt to play a guitar too.

Anyway... 'D' taught me the D, G and A chords. He promises to teach me more. Time to get my hands on a guitar. Some investment advices, anyone?

Edit: 14.8.2004: 12.22 PM:. I suspect this is The Lean Dude's other blog. Hyuk hyuk!

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