Monday, September 20, 2004

5000 and counting...

5000 hits! Another excuse to blog a lousy, meaningless, gap-filler post!

I'd like to thank all the jobless and bored people of the world who had nothing better to do than to surf through the dark realms of the internet in search of God only knows what. For unnecessarily reading the crap that I put up on this page, even when I hardly ever asked them to. And for making me happy by keeping my counter ticking over.

To show my gratitute, I will pray to god that you do not die wondering what hit you and that your children also receive college education. And that you may have something useful to do with your lives so that you don't waste time reading this blog! Hihihi! Generous, aren't I?

That... when I have strong reasons to suspect that 4500 hits were my own. Hihihi!

Anyway... what do I care? Hey Gurdeep! Here's 5000 roubles for ya, son! Now run along and buy yourself some candy! Then log on to Ebay and use the rest of the money to buy yourself a clue.

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