Tuesday, April 05, 2005

A small start. A start nonetheless.

Tomorrow, I start my internship at a newspaper.

The paper recently moved out of its posh Victorian confines in Central Delhi to a tacky godown-like place in Noida.

It?s a nondescript newspaper with a measly readership. And I was happy as hell, I got my spot there. Why?

1) It?s a really small paper. With a staff, the size of two cricket teams. So I hope to learn the ropes faster.
2) Smaller paper means more running around, more Quark Express, and less sitting around.
3) Friends in places like TOI and HT still haven?t had their spots confirmed, thanks to the goof-ups on the part of my faculty.
4) The paper is a 5 minute drive from home.
5) My roomie opted for the same paper. So I will have company too.
6) There?s a decent chance I will convert the internship into a job. Though it is too early to comment on that.
7) I decided to not go for Cyber Journalism or Advertising to begin with. Print Journalism is the place to begin with.

I start tomorrow afternoon. Wish me luck, peepuls!

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