Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Trick question

Two batsmen are on 94 not out each.

Three balls left in the match.

Seven runs to win.

Both finish on 100 not out.



Anonymous said...

Lol... I can't belive I am bored enough to answer this.

Batsman 1 hits a six, reaches century. The next ball is a leg bye (or a bye) and the batsmen cross and then Batsman 2 hits a six.


The second last ball is a wide where both batsmen cross and the next one is a six and the last a dot ball or the next ball is a dot and the last is a six.


Ok I m bored there are too many scenarios

AR Hemant said...


1) the batsmen take the bye/lb after hitting a six, GAME OVER. It's the seventh run, and that's all there's left to play for.

2) In the 2nd scenario, both batsmen don't reach their hundreds.

Australopithecus said...

batsman 1 hits a 4..then they run 3..but its one short..so 6 runs to basman 1. 1 run to win. batsman 2 hits six. reaches 100. ?

AR Hemant said...

Sahi jawaaaab!

AR Hemant said...

There's another way possible.

Batsman A hits 3, and then gets 4 overthrows. Umpire calls one short. A reaches 100 not out.

Strike rotated. B takes strike, scores level. He hits six. 100 not out.

Game over.

falguncontractor87 said...

1st ball: wicket keeper tries to stop ball with helmet or thowin gloves so\(5 run penlty)
2nd ball: he takes 1 run
3rd ball : other bats man hits six