Friday, May 30, 2008


Often during a major cricket event, you read reports such as this of bookies being busted.

Invariably, the report would describe the scene of action:
A cash of Rs two lakh, a TV set, a dish antenna, recorder connected to a laptop, calculators and mobile phones were recovered from the flat, they said.
It reads as if the police had just unearthed two tonnes of RDX from a terrorist's lair.

But the really sad part is this:
The accused booked under Bombay Prevention of Gambling Act, were later released on bail.
So much for doing what you thought fit with your own money.


A Bisht said...

Very unusual observations. In addition to this, the one sent to India uncut regarding Contextual advertising are really good.

harry said...

nice blog u got here...!!!!

Sundeep Kumar said...

Very Interesting!