Sunday, December 07, 2008


1) Sneakers, for outdoor assignments, travelling, bike riding, long distance commuting. Ideal for winter.

2) Flats, for Indianwear – Patiala suits – or long skirts for the bohemian look.

3) Sneakers, with Velcro – when you don’t have time to tie your laces. Same as (1).

4) Slip-ons, with metallic base, for clothes in metallic shades.

5) Shoes with pointed tip and heel, for formal occasions, go well with trouser and pin suits.

6) Gali chappals – to meet neighbours, or shopping for grocery, only when you’re wearing Indian suits.

7) Plain flats, in muted tones, go well with kurtis/jeans of corresponding colours.

8) Pumps/Half shoes – go well with kurta/pyjama & jeans too.

9) Floaters – Outdoors, goes well on wet terrain, worn with sweatshirts, jeans and socks.

10) Heels – for office.

11) High-end slip-ons – for select occasions.

12) Plain chappals – bathroom slippers, handy around the house.

13) Sequined high-heels – A bit of bling for marriage/sangeet when one is supposed to just doll up.

14) High-end pumps – for select occasions, works well with skinny jeans and tops with an earthy/shimmer base.

15) High-heeled half shoes – Works fine with formal skirts, business suits and khadi salwar suits.

16) Elastic pumps – very comfortable, breathing shoes, works well with tees, slim fit jeans, capris in bright candy shades

17) Heels – works fine with both Indian and western. A cross between (10) and (13).

1) Formals – The shoes I wore at my wedding.

2) Sneaker – outdoors, biking, sports, gymming, office, friends.

3) Floaters – everything else.


Anonymous said...

Go get a haircut.


AR Hemant said...

I just did. And the wife hates it.

arvindiyer said...

Unkal:) Such is life I see:) How you doing?

For a second when I first saw the picture. I thought it was some fwd mail and was wondering how in the world did you get sucked into posting stuff like this on your blog. Before I saw HIS SHOES (the wedding formal one) and I knew it had to be yours.

AR Hemant said...

Are you insulting me or are you praising me?

Arun Ramkumar said...

hey dude ! as for the Dylan movie, well one of my friends had downloaded it and I borrowed it :) ...

arvindiyer said...

What do you think?:)

Renu said...

I feel better after reading this. Now i know its a universal phenomenon. :)

AR Hemant said...

It probably is. Welcome to my blog.

Vaudevillian said...

Part 2 - bags?

AR Hemant said...

You know, that's a great idea.

Sagar said...

Hey.. I liked your blog :)

AR Hemant said...

Thanks, Sagar.

Anonymous said...

Thats a good observation, and an indication of how well-dressed your wife is ;)

AR Hemant said...

So what does that make me?

Potpourri Life said...

You look like a beggar and your wify a rich dolled up lady! :D amazingly creative way to potray your state!

This reminds me of an episode from F.R.I.E.N.D.S... where Joey tries on & describes the varieties of feminine clothing...its true of everything feminine (apparels, make-up, accessories, jewelery...). We women drive a major chunk of the economy!

AR Hemant said...

Men have simple and practical tastes. Function over form.

Anonymous said...
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