Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Sweetest Revenge!

Indradhanush December 2002, at the GK Quizes, my team of 3 participated. The battle among 3 teams went to the wire. We fisnished second sadly after I bungled up the last question. Had I got that one right, the scores would've been been tied!

Saturday Activities, Event: GK Quiz, July 2003. My team of 4 was at it again. Sadly, there wasn't enough support. I was the only one doing all the answering. Apart from one answer, every single answer came from me, as far as my team was concerned. It's amazing that we still ended up 2nd out of 5 teams. The game had gone to the last question. The other team had to get the last answer wrong for us to win. They got it right.

Another quiz which went to the last question. Another quiz where I finished second. Oh yeah... it *was* frustrating!

Indradhanush 2003. Would it be the same again? I team up with two freshers, Reshwa and Utkarsh. Looked like anything but dumbasses to me. So the chances looked good for this time around.

5 teams. First round. We finish 3rd with 30 points. Reshwa's pissed. We remind her there are 3 rounds to go.

Round 2. Subject round. Our subject: Mythology. Reshwa's happy. She wanted that subject. Stunning turn around. We scored 145 points to finish first at 175. 2nd team at 160. Plenty of passed questions helped us!

Round 3. Buzzer round. I was so happy, I could've cried. We had *creamed* everyone! We finished with 95 of the 200 possible points and took a massive lead.

We had effectively won before the quiz got over. Which amazes me. After the two heartbreaks... a convincing win!

Now the team at second place had to get all 10 questions right in the next round. They didn't. We won. We still played the 4th round for formality. Got about 6/10 right.

Aaaah... sweeet victory.

It was important to win this one coz this would be the last quiz I would play my college. Especialy after two narrow losses. Now I can RIP!

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