Saturday, February 07, 2004

Ego Surfing, Nandan Apartment and Al-Qaeda Etc

While Googling for 'Nandan Apartment', which is where I live in Ahmedabad, I found a few interesting things.

Some of them being my dad's name in a couple of the links and some computer related work places around my home.

The most interesting one was about Illanthirayan.

Illanthirayan was the guy living right across my flat. His wife and kids were regular visitors to my home. We being the few rare South Indians in my colony. He had a computer business or a portal or something like that.

A couple of years ago, CBI landed up at his place late in the night and arrested him. He was suspected of sneaking out sensitive information to Al Qaeda and Lashkar E Toiba.

Never got to hear the full story until I surfed up this link. Apparently, he was also kicked out from ISRO, which is where he was previously employed, because of some fraudulent activities.

Huh! The quite Mallu living next door was silently betraying the nation. Pretty hard to imagine!

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