Tuesday, February 03, 2004


I'm amazed! Coz when I chose the name 'Neurotica' for my blog, I thought it must have been quite an original.

But a little Google-ing put me in my place!

'N3urotica' is pretty much an original coz the search returns the link to my blog! What's bad is that the bimbo who took the domain neurotica.blogspot.com doesn't even *post* in her blog! Sheesh!

Search 'Neurotica' and you realise that 'Neurotica' is the name of a Cartoon Strip. It also is a song by Jon Bon Jovi, the name of a Book and God only knows what not!

Those were just some of the 37,900 search results that you get!!

Alright... so at least I did not plagiarize or anything. 'Neurotica' occurred to me just like that when I was fiddling around with the Webster's Dictionary for a name for my blog! It stays at that!

Oh... and here's one heckuva Neurotica Link! Viewer discretion advised!

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