Saturday, December 06, 2003

Go Zaheer!!!

WHAT... A... SPELL!!! Icing on the cake: Gilli going for a duck! Obviously Zaheer Khan has shrugged off the world cup final ghost. And had all of us sceptical Indians eating our words. But obviously, the Aussies never collapse like that in Australia.

I happened to see the highlights of Day-1. Realised that the Aussies were plain lucky to get to 261 for just 2 sticks. Langer? Well he should have just gone and brought a lottery ticket.

Innumerable close LBW shouts went his way. I don't think he would have crossed even fifty. And the moron STILL walks away shaking his head, dissing the umpire when given out on Day-2.

Even though it's raining, there is a very heavy chance Steve Waugh may roll the dice and declare very fast. Cannot rule out both teams forfeiting one innings each. Waugh would love to do that, I'm sure. And THAT would make it one helluvva test match!

What also made my day was Mehela Jaywardene's 86 against England. Includnig one unforgettable lofted square drive off Flintoff. Sensational! Would walk a mile to see that shot being played!

Ummm... ok... maybe I will just drive! ;-)

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