Friday, December 05, 2003

" Goin' down, for the time! My friends are gonna be there too! "

" I am on a highhhhhway ta hell! "

May be not! :-D

Can hardly wait till the 9th. Coz that's when Shishir and I would be travelling to Pune to attend... {hold your breath}... FEST-O'COMM!! Woohoo!

For the uninitiated, ignorant fools and {speaking in the same breath} Mechanical Engineers from CET, Fest-O'Comm would be India's biggest meet for Communcation and Media colleges around the country. (I am told!) It would start on the 11th and end on the 14th.

We get to meet communcation professionals from around the country. Not to mention all the students who'd be joining in from the various media colleges. Can't wait to get all the juicy dope from them!

From there, we travel to Bombay to have a dekko at the sceneries (sceneries) before returning to A'bad on the 17th. Hopefully, those will be very eventfull 8 days! :-D

This is gonna be one helluva month! Also in line is Indradhanush 2003 (my college's own culfest begining on the 24th).

Sigh! Then it's back to the books! :-(

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