Thursday, April 15, 2004

Then I saw her face. Now I'm a believer!

Commercial Communications today. Decently written. Dont want to put my finger on anything coz you never know what kind of an idiot would check the paper. Yep, I have absolutely NO faith in the university.

Landed at the Navgujarat campus (campus = parking lot) at 10.30. Searched for familiar faces. Found all but one. Thank god for that. It's scary enough we got the same exam centre. Had I seen her face, I would have forgotten the entire alphabet. Forget about the answers to today's questions.

What's funny is the fact that my roll number is just 2. That's right. Out of the thousands of university students taking this exam, my roll number is just 2. Is that cool or what? People find it hard to believe. Just 2! Hehe! A welcome change from the otherwise huge roll numbers I have had in 10th and 12th.

I was curious to meet the guy/gal who would have the first roll number. I was thinking what possibly could his/her name be that he/she got a smaller number than mine. Hehe... it turned out to be a southie guy. A Tamil who has been living in A'bad for 4 years. He too writes his surname as his first initial. Which is the only reason why he's ahead of me. He doesn't understand a word in Gujju. So the Gujju-speaking supervisor had an eceptionally nice time with him, trying to make him understand how to fill up the forms and stuff!

Supervisor: Aa boaks (box) maa foarm number lakhi de!

Tamil guy: I dont understand Gujarati

Supervisor: Tara ketla supplementary joya chhe?

Tamil guy: I dont understand Gujarati

Supervisor: Aa steekar chautadi de supplementary upar

Tamil guy: I dont understand Gujarati

Paper ends. I walk out.

And she walks by.

Let me put this in the simplest words possible...


This is just about the hardest thing I will probably ever go through.

Read this. I relate to it at the moment.

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