Wednesday, February 25, 2004

It happens in the...

...lives of many men, that someday, they stop, turn around, massage their nose innards with their pinky and say, "Aaah, I have not blogged in a while now".

Been a while since I posted the old fashioned, run of the mill kind of a post telling what I have been upto! So here goes...

I cleared Symbi! Woohoo! After a 10 day excrutiaing and annoying delay, the confirmation email finally landed up.

And went straight into the Junk folder on my Hotmail!!!

Thank God I couldn't resist the urge to log on to the net for 15 minutes coz 4 hours later, the mail would have been auto-deleted. Anyway, the mail says I have to be present at Vishwabhavan on the Symbiosis Campus on the 19th of March.

In a suit!

In line are a Group Discussion, Personal Interview, Subject Test and since I applied for Advertisment, I gotta submit an assignment on a mock ad campaign for a new product from McD!

Screwed up my prelims coz I spent too much time studying for the sitter of a test! But who cares coz I cleared the test!

Was the last day at college today. Not counting the farewell party that's been aranged for on the 5th of March. It's a funny, funny feeling at the moment. Seems like yesterday when I walked into the classroom for the first time. Three years disappeared like beers outside a rock concert. The last lectures, the last scolding from the professors, the last time eating stale vada-pav at the canteen, the last exam... There has been a last in almost every imaginable department.

And here we are standing at the cross roads of life again. With paranoia and anxiety standing right next to snitch a lift.

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