Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Facebook Ads Go From Bad To Worse To Downright Scary


The Gray Lady said Facebook advertising isn't doing too well.

Seriously, you needed the NYT to tell you that?

Sunday, December 07, 2008



1) Sneakers, for outdoor assignments, travelling, bike riding, long distance commuting. Ideal for winter.

2) Flats, for Indianwear – Patiala suits – or long skirts for the bohemian look.

3) Sneakers, with Velcro – when you don’t have time to tie your laces. Same as (1).

4) Slip-ons, with metallic base, for clothes in metallic shades.

5) Shoes with pointed tip and heel, for formal occasions, go well with trouser and pin suits.

6) Gali chappals – to meet neighbours, or shopping for grocery, only when you’re wearing Indian suits.

7) Plain flats, in muted tones, go well with kurtis/jeans of corresponding colours.

8) Pumps/Half shoes – go well with kurta/pyjama & jeans too.

9) Floaters – Outdoors, goes well on wet terrain, worn with sweatshirts, jeans and socks.

10) Heels – for office.

11) High-end slip-ons – for select occasions.

12) Plain chappals – bathroom slippers, handy around the house.

13) Sequined high-heels – A bit of bling for marriage/sangeet when one is supposed to just doll up.

14) High-end pumps – for select occasions, works well with skinny jeans and tops with an earthy/shimmer base.

15) High-heeled half shoes – Works fine with formal skirts, business suits and khadi salwar suits.

16) Elastic pumps – very comfortable, breathing shoes, works well with tees, slim fit jeans, capris in bright candy shades

17) Heels – works fine with both Indian and western. A cross between (10) and (13).

1) Formals – The shoes I wore at my wedding.

2) Sneaker – outdoors, biking, sports, gymming, office, friends.

3) Floaters – everything else.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Post 26/11

I don't know if this is happening to you, but I'm sure fairly sure there are plenty of Indians out there who have shared this experience with me.

I have been having recurring dreams about the terror attacks on Mumbai. I see myself with a weapon in my hand and taking to the street, exchanging fire with people. I don't remember who these people were but my subconscious mind might have scripted them along the lines of the Mumbai terrorists.

I've had a similar, crazy dream in my younger days. Lots of Americans had weird dreams about Sarah Palin when she entered the presidential elections. But this is quite different.

And I'm sure much of this stems from the anger over the terror strikes. Anger, that still hasn't found its way out.

Is anybody else having similar dreams?