Saturday, April 30, 2005


It's been almost a full year without a major template change. So here goes. It's dedicated to all the pisceans in my life. And there's nothing fishy about it since it loads correctly on Firefox!

Friday, April 29, 2005

Woohoo! I'm a post graduate now!

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I'm a post graduate now. And that approximately means that I've got a piece of paper I can use in the loo, when I run out of water.

It's funny how I got this far, academically. Funny, because I always found myself struggling to come to terms with what everyone else around me could easily grasp. Funnier, because I passed out last year from the university with a 3rd class, and still ended up in a PG classroom that was full of university toppers from around the country.

In retrospect, I gave all those university toppers, a fairly good run for their money.

Got our diplomas at one really shitty excuse for a convocation, today. I had grand plans to make a mockery of the event, by making the final issue of Dontlook public. Couldn't do it because the copies couldn't be printed on time.

It became fairly popular, I heard. Saw people falling over each other to get their copies. Personally, it was more satisfying than any lab journal or story board or radio bulletin that I must have produced in the last one year.

Here's a screenshot.

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Monday, April 25, 2005


Had an interesting phone conversation with a friend today.

She works on the editing desk at a daily in Delhi. A couple of days back, she took an email for the letters to the editor section. The letter was sent regarding a news article on two lesbians in UP, who had decided to get married, and were getting plenty of press for it.

The person, in the letter, expressed his opinion on the gay rights issue, saying that it was great to see people coming forward, and demanding their rights. He added that revolutionary thinkers rarely find takers in their own time, and that people like BR Ambedkar and Raja Ram Mohan Roy too had to deal with stiff opposition before they could bring about changes in social mindsets.

The following day, after the letter had been printed, several people did a dharna outside the paper's Mumbai office and protested against the letter's content.

Were they homophobes? No.

They thought the paper was making out Ambedkar and Roy to be pro-homosexuality.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

In journalism, mindless courage can seriously bring you laurels. Your IQ may be that of a tomato. And your command over langaage might be that of a hominid. But if you have the balls to poke your nose into someone else's business and get a sensational new scoop, they'll tell you that you're worth your weight in gold. Remember that scene from Godzilla? The cameraman almost got flattened, but held on to the camera and got his shot. He barely escaped with his life. But he got all the high-fives and the slaps on the butt at the office.

I, for one, start trembling at the sight of the dogs near my office which bark at me, when I drive home at 3 AM.

Thursday, April 21, 2005


That advertisement just wouldn't have been the same, had the punchine said, "Mazze se CHAATO, mazze se khaao".

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The internship's a drag. And my social life has taken a massive beating. Most people got day jobs at the editorial desk. Some lucky ones got field assignements. Some got full time jobs. I got a bloody night shift.

And it's been over 2 weeks since I last saw most of my friends. I start in the evenings. End around 3 AM.

And I spend an average of 5 minutes everyday in the sun. That too, fading sunlight.

Could it possible I would be the first known case to have died from a Vitamin D deficiency?

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Kaha kaha se chale aate hai...

This guys pops up on Yahoo messenger, out of nowhere.

physical_heaven: hey
Me : heylo
Me : ???

physical_heaven: im also a guy
Me : figures

Me : would u be kind enough to introduce urself
physical_heaven: i don chat wid guys im here lookin 4 gals

Me : abbey to fir mera dimag kyu kharab kar raha hai mere baap?

Monday, April 18, 2005

Ok. I just had to take that quiz! ;-)


Accedintally, you will find them, in the last place
you would expect, may be they are near you
right now and you don't know, you love to have
a good time that is why the chances that you
and them be friends first than get in a
romantic relationship is very high, so open
your eyes and think, it might be so close.

Where will you find love?
brought to you by Quizilla

I think I am satisfied with the result! :P

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Then there are those who hit on you all year long. And when you don't respond in the same currency, they end up saying "you remind me so much of my brother".

Wait. Is is just me? Or are they actually that stupid?

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Am I missing a trick here?

I will never know.


To quote a shayar...

"Kacchi hai samajhdari apni,
Ke ab tak naye ehsaas hote rehte hai..."

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Close Call

In the frenzied atmosphere, I felt myself been pushed and pulled.

There were loud noises everywhere.

The people around me wore funny looks on their faces. They screamed at every possible instance. The heat made their faces sweaty.

Constantly bumping into each other, some tried holding their ground. The others, overcome by emotion, were all over the place. They tried moving their feet as quickly as possible. But it was hard.

Smoke engulfed the place. In the middle of the madness, someone tugged at my shirt. It was 'R'. He had that ghastly look on his face too. Someone else pulled my leg. Three others pushed me around.

It was confusing. I tried to stay sane, but was becoming increasingly hard. All I was thinking was, "How the hell do I get out of here alive?!"

I thought it was Armageddon.

I pushed my way through the crowd, to the edge. And I jumped. I broke free. I ran away from that place. And I could breathe again.

I left all of them behind, screaming.

And I thought, "God! For as long as I live, for as long as I am sober and of sound mind... I am so not stepping foot on a dance floor again!"

Monday, April 11, 2005

First, soften me up with a barrage of compliments.

It would be easier then, to lead me to the slaughter house.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

A small start. A start nonetheless.

Tomorrow, I start my internship at a newspaper.

The paper recently moved out of its posh Victorian confines in Central Delhi to a tacky godown-like place in Noida.

It?s a nondescript newspaper with a measly readership. And I was happy as hell, I got my spot there. Why?

1) It?s a really small paper. With a staff, the size of two cricket teams. So I hope to learn the ropes faster.
2) Smaller paper means more running around, more Quark Express, and less sitting around.
3) Friends in places like TOI and HT still haven?t had their spots confirmed, thanks to the goof-ups on the part of my faculty.
4) The paper is a 5 minute drive from home.
5) My roomie opted for the same paper. So I will have company too.
6) There?s a decent chance I will convert the internship into a job. Though it is too early to comment on that.
7) I decided to not go for Cyber Journalism or Advertising to begin with. Print Journalism is the place to begin with.

I start tomorrow afternoon. Wish me luck, peepuls!