Friday, April 30, 2004

Moment of Realisation

Ok... So I *do* give a damn!

But dammit... that's what falling in love does to you!

Monday, April 26, 2004

Passing Thought

Why is it so that those who appear happy on the surface are the ones usually dying from the inside? Are they happy because they still have hope to live with?

And why are the ones surrounded by all the happiness sometimes are the ones who are unhappy on the surface? Are they afraid that they will lose that happiness eventually?

Thursday, April 22, 2004

This & That

On a day like today

The whole world could change

The sun's gonna shine

Shine through the rain

On a day like today

You never wanna see the sun go down


Monday, April 19, 2004


Saaf saaf baat karte ho aaj tum

Saaf saaf baat karte ho aaj tum

Shayad isme bhi koi raaz hoga...

Saturday, April 17, 2004

Singh Along - Hotel Karnal-a-fonia

On the dark GT highway

Pagdi Patka in my hair

Warm smell of some dhabas

Rising up through the air

Up ahead in the distance

I saw a tharra joint

My head grew heavy

And my sight grew dim

I must have drunk over a pint

There he stood in the drive way

I heard his truck helper yell

And I was thinking to myself

This had to be

Devidner Singh Behl (ROTF LMBO)

Then he belched and scratched his head

And he was on the highway

And the other drivers leaning

from the truck car doors

I thought I heard them say

Welcome to the Hotel Karnal-a-fonia

Vaddi changi place

(Vaddi changi place)

Message, manicure, pedicure

At Karnal-a-fonia

Any kind of ear

(Any kind of ear)

You can clean it here

His car grill was definitely twisted

He's got a Maruti Zen

He's got a lot of petty petty MLAs

Whom he calls friends

Dancing bhangra in the courtyard

See sardarji sweat

Some dancer is this Devinder

Armpits stinking wet

So I told the bell captain

I's made a reservation online

And he said 'Oye khoteyya...

Our internet hasn't worked... since 1999'

And still those srivers were calling

From the driveway

Woke me up in the middle of the night

I know I heard them say

Welcome to the Hotel Karnal-a-fonia

Itthey karlo rest

(Itthey karlo rest)

Aish karo at the Hotel Karnal-a-fonia

Kudi umr bees

(Kudi umr bees)

Will serve you nice

Daler on the ceiling and on the walls

In every guise

And waitresses dressed like actresses,

From flicks of Subhash Ghai's.

And in the downstair canteen

I sat down for my meal

Butter chicken and sarson da saag

Had a shock when they showed me the bill

Looking for help I saw Devinder

Dancing wildly on the floor

I had to find my hostess back

Oh where is this Gurpreet Kaur?

'Relax' said Milkha Singh

Play golf with my son Jeev

Tu ban gaya Punjab da puttar

Now you can't ever leave

(JAM Mag, March 14)

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Then I saw her face. Now I'm a believer!

Commercial Communications today. Decently written. Dont want to put my finger on anything coz you never know what kind of an idiot would check the paper. Yep, I have absolutely NO faith in the university.

Landed at the Navgujarat campus (campus = parking lot) at 10.30. Searched for familiar faces. Found all but one. Thank god for that. It's scary enough we got the same exam centre. Had I seen her face, I would have forgotten the entire alphabet. Forget about the answers to today's questions.

What's funny is the fact that my roll number is just 2. That's right. Out of the thousands of university students taking this exam, my roll number is just 2. Is that cool or what? People find it hard to believe. Just 2! Hehe! A welcome change from the otherwise huge roll numbers I have had in 10th and 12th.

I was curious to meet the guy/gal who would have the first roll number. I was thinking what possibly could his/her name be that he/she got a smaller number than mine. Hehe... it turned out to be a southie guy. A Tamil who has been living in A'bad for 4 years. He too writes his surname as his first initial. Which is the only reason why he's ahead of me. He doesn't understand a word in Gujju. So the Gujju-speaking supervisor had an eceptionally nice time with him, trying to make him understand how to fill up the forms and stuff!

Supervisor: Aa boaks (box) maa foarm number lakhi de!

Tamil guy: I dont understand Gujarati

Supervisor: Tara ketla supplementary joya chhe?

Tamil guy: I dont understand Gujarati

Supervisor: Aa steekar chautadi de supplementary upar

Tamil guy: I dont understand Gujarati

Paper ends. I walk out.

And she walks by.

Let me put this in the simplest words possible...


This is just about the hardest thing I will probably ever go through.

Read this. I relate to it at the moment.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

On love

Ghalib keh gaye...

Mohabbat mei nahi fark jeene aur marne ka

Usi ko dekh kar jeeta hoo jis kafir par dum nikle

Befaam keh gaye...

Haal aisa jo har koi jaane

Dard aisa jo koi na jaane

Mareez keh gaye...

Aise gaur se woh meri baatein sunti rahi

Jaise usey pehle se pata na tha...

Does anybody else feel the same way?

Saturday, April 10, 2004

Thursday, April 08, 2004


Felt like some Floyd this noon. So I plugged into some Pulse. And usual, it set that amazing ambience in my room. So real, you could almost touch it.

And I was hit by a strong wave of emotions as soon as Wish You Were Here started. Goosebumps left, right and center. All over! For some reason! Very visible goosebumps!

It was as if I wanted to roll on the floor laughing or burst into tears. And didn't know which one I wanted to do. Had listened to that song a million times before, but this time it felt as if I had waited to listen to for a 100 years. Felt as if I was there at the Pulse concert, waving around the lighter in hand and everything. It was surreal! I'm not exaggerating. It really was surreal!

And that took me back to FestoComm, Pune in December where that beauty of a song was played at the rock concert. Coincidentally, the previous night, I had sent out an SMS to her, saying precisely that:

Wish you were here!

Oh, for Abhinay's info, it was the same night as the drunken b***h incident.

How I wish, how I wish you were here.

We're just two lost souls

Swimming in a fish bowl,

Year after year,

Running over the same old ground.

What have we found?

The same old fears.

Wish you were here.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Passing thought

No matter how hard you try to be nice to everyone around you, some people are just not worth being nice for.

Nor are they worth the hate!

Sunday, April 04, 2004

This & That

Abhinay says:

i will return from the dead and haunt u....

Abhinay says:

will take over her body and kill u

Hemant says:

u dont have to be dead to haunt people

Abhinay says:


Abhinay says:

choke choke

Abhinay says:

was drinikin some water man

Abhinay says:

baaaaaaaad timing

Saturday, April 03, 2004

The truth of the ages

Aerosmith - Falling In Love

You think you're in love

Like it's a real sure thing

But every time you fall

You get yo' ass in a sling

You used to be strong

But now it's 'Ooh baby, please'

Coz falling in love

Is so hard on the knees!

Friday, April 02, 2004


To quote Donkey from 'Shrek'...

" Let's do that again! " :-D

Chumbawamba - Tubthumping

I get knocked down

But I get up again

And you're never gonna keep me down

I get knocked down

But I get up again

And you're never gonna keep me down