Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Pune & Back!

The Phase-II at SIMC was quite decent. Though it would be better not to point my finger at anything as yet. My attempts were quite satisfying. Let's just say that! The results come in 10 days and the wait would be interesting. The entire thing lasted 40 minutes spread over 7 hours. Quite pissed off though that the GD+PI (having a weightage of 50% in the evaluation) were given only 5 minutes each. Intriguing!

Lesson I learnt: In a GD, try and not to counter attack the most talkative speaker, especially when you're not the most talkative kind! I made that mistake!

After that was done, I helped myself to a quite plate of Chicken Biriyani which tasted heavenly. Well, when you haven't been hungry all month, ANYTHING would taste good! :-D Even caught up with 'Signs' the movie, which I thought I'd miss when in Pune. Luckily the hotel room had a TV.

Left for Mumbai next morning on a Volvo bus. By God, it's the biggest, the most luxurious bus I've ever been on. Not like the Indian types where you have to crouch all the way if you're tall! Was at my Aunt's place and also caught up with my 6 year old cousin Saadhika.

I'm all ears for a discussion of ideas with likeminded people. So we had a very prolonged intellectually stimulating conversation about various visual art forms. She prefers Miffy the Rabbit and Bob the Builder. I prefer Dexter's Lab and Looney Toons. Powerpuff Girls is where we agreed at. We even debated over why Wile E Coyote spends all the money trying to buy Acme products when he should just buy him some food! Unfortunately, the debate reached no conclusion. We agreed that absolutely ANYTHING can happen in cartoons!

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