Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Rip Off!

For a rookie, commuting in a big city like Delhi ain't easy. The bus routes are hard to fathom, especially with all these buses being of more colours than there are on a rainbow. Drive a two-wheeler without a helmet ad you might just have hell to pay.

There are too many rules to follow. And coming from a city with a much poorer traffic sense, you need time to get acquainted to all these rules and regs. And the rickshaw drivers? They are ready to rip you off faster than you can say 'rip'.

On one particular occassion, I got stuck at Ajmeri Gate, some 50 minutes away from home. Wanted to hire a rick, but the driver was charging me the moon. 15 minutes of bargaining with no other options in sight, I decided to go for it, fully knowing I was paying a bit too much.

Then the fun part. I had to go to Vasundhara Enclave and I was still very confused about the roads leading to home. Since I was being slightly overcharged anyway, I decided to have a bit of fun. Instead of turning left for Vasundhara, I let the driver drive straight into Noida. Then Greater Noida. Then a bit more further till we got completely lost.

Then, we got back into Sector 18. Then to Sector 8. Then to Sector 6. A lot more twisting and turning followed during the while I pretended I did not know the way to home. In that nice round trip of Noida, I had the chance to enjoy the scenery! Hehehe!

I dont know who's worse - the driver, for overcharging me, or me, for making him drive around a good 10-12 KMs extra and letting me have a good look at the roads!

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