Thursday, August 26, 2004


All you tiny 100 CC drivers... make way for my 125 CC, 10-horse juggernaut!

Ab kaun rokega meri muskaan? Muhahaha!

5 females asking for lift on the first 2 days itself doesn't hurt my ego either! Muhahaha!

Most men would talk of bikes in the same breath as they would, of women. Then there are men who'd rather worship their Harleys, Triumphs and Yamahas than attend to their women. For some, their bikes are an extension of their entities. The man and the machine are one. In soul and in physicality.

Therefore, for man to value his machine so much, the machine must surely be referred to as 'she'. Pulsar's a great bike, no doubt. But "Definitely Male" ? Pah! How gay!!!

I tell you people... my bike's a 'she'. And it stays that way!

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