Monday, August 16, 2004

This and That

There's something absolutely hilarious. About 3 guys, all of them extremely hungry, riding on a khatara scooter through the endless, uninhabited jungles of JNU, desperately trying to find their way to the nearest canteen.

Add to that, a lovely windy and overcast afternoon, the fact that you have completely lost your way in those jungles and are begining to enjoy the greenery, and that one of the guys is carrying a radio in hand, playing some of Rafi's best.

Aaah! That would be one nice way of remembering this new found life.

Acting's overrated! I have officially debuted as an actor (a lousy one at that). I played a reporter who got whooped by a corrupt hawaldar. The experience was fun and I received some very positive feedback. And it was quite, quite liberating because of all the screaming and shouting I got to do. I suspect it was more fun for 'A' coz he got to throw me off the stage for everytime we rehearsed.

Theatre was one thing I wanted to dabble around with. The opportunities were not there in college. It's great to make a start. Let's see where this goes to.

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