Friday, December 24, 2004

The Week That Was

The last one week had been pleasantly hectic. I spent it

1) Bidding goodbyes to various classmates who were heading off to hometowns

2) Publicly rubbishing the jackass that is my HOD

3) Pondering over the meaning of life

4) Trying to land myself an internship

5) Wondering why I needed to do # 4 when I can chill out at home for the winter break.

Which, BTW, brought me back to # 3. (Smirk!)

A bit of running around took to me to the ITO area near Cannuaght Place.

Three meetings later, I had a 2-week internship. No, it won't pay me even my conveyance bills. The work would be thankless.

But hell, it's so good to be a part of the newspaper I have loved more and more over the years...

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