Monday, January 07, 2008

Open letter to Ricky Ponting

Dear Ricky,

Congratulations on winning a keenly-contested Test match at Sydney. Your team fought back from despairing depths on Day 1 to emerge the unlikely winners on Day 5. Truly, the work of a champion team.

As a supporter of the Indian cricket team, I am aggrieved with the standard of umpiring in the Test. But hey, it happens. You were better, one way or the other.

But what I am aggrieved more as a cricket fan is the conduct of your team — and yourself. Your sanctimoniousness and arrogance were not befitting of a world champion team and its captain.

Let me borrow a line from Richie Benaud who had described the Sachin Tendulkar seam-cleaning incident at Port Elizabeth as "If that's not ball tampering, then I am Mrs. Doubtfire."

Ricky, if your team played within the spirit of the game in Sydney, then
I am Mrs. Doubtfire.

There’s no disputing that yours is the best team in the world. That’s a well-documented fact. Similarly, after what happened in Sydney — and the world saw it — yours is also an ill-behaved team that displays little ethic or sporting spirit, or the gall to stand your ground when returned a favour, as we saw in Harbhajan Singh's case.

I remember an incident from a recent one-day international where Murali Kartik didn’t walk. After India won, you pointed out later that it would have been nice for Kartik to have walked.

That game was of no consequence. You had already won the series. But I’ll tell you what would have been nice.

It would have been nice if you had walked when you were caught down the leg off Sourav Ganguly. It would have been nice if Andrew Symonds had walked on 30.

It would have been nice if Clarke had not shamefully stayed on having knocked the cover of the ball and waited for the umpire to give him out.

Ricky, it would have been nice if Clarke had not asked Ganguly to "f*** off" after taking a dubious catch. It would have been nice if you had not appealed for a catch of M.S. Dhoni that you had grounded.

Yes, I am questioning your honesty, and if it comes to talking about integrity, you should not be standing there.

I know your team has won everything it could win.

Next time, try winning hearts.


A Cricket Fan


Deamon's Dealer said...

I was there at wankhade stadium sitting in north stand chanting L..O L..O SYMONDS IS A BASTARD. after that match i started wondering wether my conduct as a cricket fan was approprite.....well as it has turned out .....I was wrong....I should have chanted ....L..O L.O AUSSIES ARE BASTARDS

VEX said...

is andrew symmonds even worse than the monkeys ?

Sir Nicholas said...

Lovely. Angst well reflected.