Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Pardon me! I just rambled on! - Part Deux

In response to Abhinay's comment to 'Pardon me! I just rambled on'... What I said was purely rambled incoherently. But my poorly mentioned point is this...

In the begining, there was nothing. We started off a single-celled creatures some gazillion bizillion years ago. And thus started the never ending process of change. The process of life. Life branched out into all the realms of this planet. Those single celled creatures went on to become birds, animals and plants. The others became engineers.

N number of species ruled the earth, at one time or the other. But in the end, only one species conquered them all. Humans. But humans too started off as those single celled creatures. But they turned out to be so different. They had brains. They were bipedal. They learnt to speak. They were social. The formed cultures. They invented. They discovered. They learnt commerce and trade. They discovered means of entertainment. They created institutions of education. The concept of God emerged. The concept of God died. They no longer hunt for their meals. Geography was rendered unimportant. Among other such events...

Let's take all of what we have today and compare it to the time when we were just single celled creatures floating in the seas. And think about it.

The ability to adapt and to survive counted. We survived a lot. Ice ages. Meteorite hits. Hail & high water. Volcanoes. Earthquakes. The Backstreet Boys! Clearly, we survived.

The point is... while all other creatures took birth, ate, shat, procreated and died, the humans somehow ended up making things unimaginably complicated. It is not to complain about these complications that surroud us. But think! You were just a cell to begin with. And look at what you are today!

Isn't it a gripping thought as to how it all must have started, what the Larger Plan really is, where we are heading to, and how it will all eventually end?

Or will it go on forever?

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