Friday, May 20, 2005

Neurotica is dead. Long live Neurotica.

Yesterday, I happened to get a call from Rhea.

We had never talked on the phone before. Hence, the call wasn't expected. But she talked about what had been going on in her life, what she was planning to do and where life had decided to take her. It was a nice, short chat.

That was at 1 PM. Eight hours later, I began thinking.

I have been blogging since 16.11.2003. The blog was purposeless to begin with and I started off just for the heck of it. Like water, the blog gradually took its own shape in the beaker of time.

The landscapes of the blogosphere emerged from the constant push-and-pull of opinions in this world, which at best appears to be a mutual admiration society.

I reached out to what I thought were the other life forms in this realm. Life forms, which existed in the strangest, dingiest corners of the blogging universe. Many, I happened to like, and befriend. SimpleSimon, Nemesis, LeanDude, Sita, Rhea, Australopithecus, Angel ... just to name a very few.

(I am amazed by the number of names beginning with 'A' on that list.)

Those thoughts brought me to the call I received from Rhea. It went to show it had been worthwhile, all that blogging. I am touched to meet those people. We're separated by geography. But we still like reaching out to each other.

So is Neurotica being nipped in the bud? Are 11,248 hits enough? I do not know. I didn't start off with a plan, really.

Neurotica was my trumpet to blow at the world. It was my recluse. My outlet. As much as I loved receiving all the hilarious comments, Neurotica was mine and mine alone.

My thoughts are mostly private and I prefer keeping them to myself. Which is why I chose to blog anonymous. I do not know how the thoughts will be received by the people around me. Nor do I want my opinions to be thrown out in the open for everyone to see or to judge.

I do not wish to explain why I wrote something. I wrote it for me. That's all that matters and it's nobody's business. Of late, some people around me started to think that this blog indeed is their business.

That's when I felt my privacy being encroached upon. I did not like that.

Therefore, this blog has to go.

Will I be back? Yes. I will resurface on some other corner of the blogosphere. In a new avtaar.

If you ever thought Neurotica rocked, say 'Yay!'.

So long. And thanks for all the fish pisceans.


Hemant, The Neurotic One

PS: Here's giving Quizilla, one last attempt ;-)
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You're Calvin!
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