Monday, September 11, 2006

My first tag

Peepuls, all two of them, listen up!
here comes my first tag, courtesy The Boyracer.
Now only if Abhinay would respond as well. Here goes.

I am thinking about: Whether I would be able to keep my blog alive. More importantly, I'm thinking what's for lunch.

I said: I need to use deodorant more frequently.

I want to: Get my tush off this chair and rush to the office to finish my story on Glenn McGrath.

I wish: I wouldn't have to commute by those aweful sub-urban trains.

I hear: A bird chirping loudly outside my bedroom's window.

I wonder: Why I constantly itch in all kinds of unimaginable places.

I regret: Umm. Mostly nothing.

I am: Hungry.

I dance: Never.

I sing: In the bathroom.

I cry: Rarely.

I am not always: Quiet. But inwardly, my thoughts constantly blare on a 5000watt speaker.

I make with my hands: Booger missles, which I flick across the room.

I write: Crap.

I confuse: Financial prosperity with real happiness.

I need: To eat. Sometime really soon.

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